Welcome to CTK Wiki Math!

Being a wiki means being publicly editable. CTK Wiki Math is run with the PMWiki software. A local copy of PmWiki's documentation has been installed along with the software, and is available via the documentation index.

The basic editing page describes how to create pages in CTK Wiki Math. You can practice editing in the wiki sandbox.

More information about PmWiki is available from http://www.pmwiki.org .

CTK Wiki Math is an extension of a more mature Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles site. CTK Wiki Math is especially useful for creating math pages with more complicated formulae than is natural using standard HTML. Drawing on the power of jsMath, CTK Wiki Math allows for embedding of LaTex expressions. (This feature is not at present available at the main site.) For an example of using jsMath visit that WikiSandbox. When a page carrying mathematical formulas is finished being processed by jsMath, the LaTex code is available by double clicking on the formulas. More examples of the conversion of LaTex code into mathematical expressions are available through a link at the right navigational column.

For now, there are just a few pages related to Mathematics. To add new or edit existing pages requires a password. Send me email if you feel like taking part in this endeavor.