PART ONE: How Our Own Minds Can Work Against Us

  1. Lessons Set in Everyday Life

    The Monty Hall Dilemma
    The Psychological Component
    Probability Problems
    Logic Loops
    Average Traps

  2. Lessons Set in Dollars

    Economic Illiteracy
    Choosing a Raise
    Renting a Room
    Dysfunctional Dollars
    The Lottery
    An Impossible Average Classroom
    A True Paradox

PART TWO: How Numbers and Statistics Can Mislead

  1. Misunderstanding Statistics

    Normal Distributions
    Mean, Median, and Mode
    Numb Numbers
    Facts About Fallacies
    Fallacies about Facts

  2. Why We Lead ourselves Down the Garden Path

    Subjective Math and Logic
    About the Appendix

  3. How Even Our Health is Affected

    Drug Testing and AIDS Testing
    Screening for Breast Cancer
    Questions We Should Ask

PART THREE: How Politicians Exploit Our Innocence

  1. The Election of 1992 (The Advent of the 'Reign of Error")

    The Worst Economic Record in Fifty Years?
    The Tax Cut in Arkansas?
    Helping the Rich at the Expense of the Poor?
    The Top One Percent Got 60 Percent of the Growth?
    Save Social Security with a Cutoff in Benefits?
    The Declining Job Base?
    There's Something Wrong With Our Tax Code?
    Put Everything on Hold Until the Deficit is Slain?
    Raising Taxes on Only the Rich is a Fraudulent Claim?
    The Deficit Will be Cut in Half?
    Arkansas Led the Nation?
    A Plan to Create Eight Million New Jobs?
    Government Mandates Don't Cost Money?
    George Bush Was a Hypocrite?
    Capping Is the Same as Slicing?
    Everyone Should Earn More than Average?
    A Tax Break for Millionaires?
    Job-Seekers Should Move to Arkansas?
    Bush Refused to Increase Taxes?
    Our Wages Have Dropped From First to 13th?
    Forty Million Americans Don't Have Health Insurance?
    The First Decline in Industrial Production Ever?
    We're Working Harder for Less Money?

  2. From 1992 to 1996 and Beyond

Appendix: The Monty Hall Dilemma
About the Author


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