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What I dislike about the new stay at home fad!

With kids going wild and shooting up schools much criticism has been brought up about both parents working outside the home. It emphasizes on parents being too busy to pay attention to their children. In turn many women are making a conscious decision to leave their careers in order to take care of the little ones (including myself). To me this is good but, some women are forgetting about their financial security and becoming 100% dependents of their partners. Not only that but, they are also failing to brush up on their skills and neglecting their education. In my opinion this is wrong!

I know you may be thinking Kenia why is it wrong to worry more about your children rather than in material things? And here is my answer to you: Dependency may increase the risk of domestic abuse. In case you do not understand my point I will explain: women that are lacking the self esteem, skills etc. to obtain a job as well as having no financial independence often feel trapped in abusive relationships. They stay because they can't provide the financial security for their children.

Remember all those women that fought for our rights so, that we can too be independent in every way possible. Do not let their efforts be in vain. So, women if you want to stay with your kid because you want to see them grow closely and give them all the love and attention they deserve, Do it! But, remember to keep brushing up your skills or find ways to stay financially independent from home.

Who says you can not have your cake and eat it too? There are many people running businesses from home as well as getting a college education. If you seek for it you will find the resources. But, never loose control of your life!

Your Friend,

Kenia Morales
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