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What Do Mothers Want?


I had a mom, I am a mom and two of my daughters are moms. I loved motherís day. It was a wonderful contest ---which mom could call the other first. Gifts galore and all the love expressed was wonderful. But, thatís only one day. What do momís really need and want the rest of the time?

1. Family love and respect and help in the kitchen, make your own bed and take out the trash without being asked.

2. An unexpected hug and ďI love you mom.Ē

3. Peace and quiet every once in a while.

4. Good child care for those who work.

5. Adequate health coverage for her family.

6. Equal pay and no glass ceiling.

7. Good education for her kids.

8. Safe streets.

9.Adequate after school care.

10. Her own choice about how she wants to teach their kids.

11. A

family that cares and shows that they do.

12. Breakfast in bed, even when itís not motherís day.

Honoring mom on her special day, is a wonderful opportunity to say and do something special. But, please remember Mom the other 364 days of the year. Thatís even more special.

Life is too hard to do alone,

Dr. D.

Dorree Lynn, PH.D.

About the Author

Dr. Dorree Lynn is co-founder of the Institute for the Advanced Study of Psychotherapy and a practicing clinician in New York and Washington, DC. Dr. Lynn served on the executive board of the American Academy of Psychotherapists and she is on the editorial board of their publication, Voices. She is also a regular columnist for the Washington, DC newspaper, The Georgetowner. Dr. Lynn is a noted speaker and well known on the lecture circuit.