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A Million Bucks In Scholarships - I'm Not Kidding!

Mention a million dollars in scholarships as few as ten years ago, and most university officials and everybody else would have laughed in your face. It won't happen today. There are two reasons why. College scholarship opportunities have grown tremendously and the cost of an undergraduate education continues to go up and up with no relief in sight. The value of a four-year military academy degree is now at $323,450. Who could afford that? Thankfully, West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy are free to the students. That's one giant government scholarship. Can a half-million dollar tuition be far behind?

Tuition and fees for a handful of private universities and colleges already top a quarter million, and many more are well over a hundred and fifty big ones.

A helpless father called for help because his son's first year tuition, majoring in engineering, would be almost $40,000. One year! Scary? You bet! Another dad told me that his son would graduate next year owing $51,761.

Will the total college bill reach a million dollars? Not likely. But with the birth of the Internet, it is just a matter of time until someone takes up the challenge and amasses a million bucks in scholarship awards. Yes, it can be done. There is no limit to the number of scholarships any one person can win. It can be done by surfing, exploring and utilizing the Internet.

There are five important keys to Internet scholarship search success: persistence, persistence, persistence, persistence and creativity. Millions of dollars in scholarships are on the net with millions and millions of dollars to be handed out. Why not to you?

Be sure to check out the U.S. Department of Education websites, and the 50 state education sites. Look hard at colleges and universities that you might want to attend. Consider unions, service groups, associations, and social organizations. Look for websites that emphasize a particular skill or talent you may have or wish to acquire.

This are also great opportunities for minorities, Native Americans, African-Americans and Senior Citizens. Add those words to "scholarships" and watch the magic begin.

Use a variety of search engines. Investigate every website that offers free information about scholarships. Substitute the word "grants" for "scholarships" and search again.

Check out the following words and terms to get started. Switch the words around and use college financial aid, free college scholarships and free scholarships. When you find a website that you want to keep, bookmark it as a favorite in your browser. Contact those sites using their email address. You can also get my personal search list just for asking:

I also have a Back to School search list for those who have experienced the real world and are ready to continue their education.

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©2005 The Scholarship Doctor, Dale Clifton - All Rights Reserved - Dale is educational consultant and expert at helping families win college scholarships. To learn more about planning to win scholarships, visit
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©2005 The Scholarship Doctor, Dale Clifton - All Rights Reserved - Dale is an educational consultant and expert at helping families win college scholarships.